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Small Groups exist to help people develop relationships with God and others, promoting spiritual growth and maturity through the development of significant Christian relationships centered on the study and application of God’s Word.

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Five Reasons to Join a Small Group

  1. You will understand the Bible better through group discussion, applying what you learn to your own personal situations.
  2. You will develop close relationships with others who will walk beside you in life’s journey.
  3. You will be encouraged knowing that others in the group will be praying for you.
  4. You will get support for the challenging times of life, from people who really care about you.
  5. You will belong to a community of people who strive to live out Acts 2:42-47.

Small Group Study Guides

Accessing Study Guides

For past messages, small group study guides can be accessed from the Weekly Messages page by clicking the "Study Guide" icon.

Weekly Messages Page

Study guides for the following small group series may be purchased in a workbook form at the Small Group Kiosk in the Grace Café.

Decisions: From Bad to Good (Sep 2013)

Decisions . . . we face them every day. Some decisions are simple and inconsequential. Others have far-reaching ramifications. Because the decisions we face can affect us for the rest of our lives, we want to make the right choices. But making wise decisions is not a matter of luck or chance. It is a matter of knowing and applying the principles the Bible gives us for life. In this 4-week study, you will explore biblical wisdom and discover the keys to making wise decisions regarding relationships and money. And just as important, you will learn how to get back on track in making wise decisions after having made poor ones.
The four Decisions sessions are:
  1. What is the #1 Guaranteed Way for Me to Make Lousy Decisions?
  2. What if I Have Made Bad Decisions in Relationships?
  3. How Do I Overcome Bad Decisions Regarding Money?
  4. How Do I Make Wise Decisions- Next Time?

Watch the Decisions Series

Vital Signs: Assessing Your Spiritual Health (Jan 2014)

Vital Signs . . . your life depends on them! We go to the doctor to assess our physical health through our vital signs and determine any adjustments that are needed, but when was the last time you checked your spiritual health? This seven-week sermon series will teach you how to “check your spiritual pulse” and see if your spiritual health is in need of any adjustments. Vital Signs will ask seven important questions from a biblical perspective, with Jesus the Great Physician doing the examination.
The seven Vital Signs sessions are:
  1. Are You Connected in Community?
  2. Are You Dependent in Prayer?
  3. Are You Growing in God’s Word?
  4. Are You Engaged in Ministry?
  5. Are You Generous in Giving?
  6. Are You Authentic in Worship?
  7. Are You Active in Discipleship?

Watch the Vital Signs Series

The Search for Satisfaction (Sep 2014)

We have become obsessed with searching for satisfaction in every way imaginable. Our lives are filled with frantic activities that keep us searching for anything and everything that promises satisfaction, but in the end, we are left unfulfilled. Solomon, the author of the book of Ecclesiastes, who was the wisest and wealthiest man that ever lived, will guide us through his pursuit and help us discover how we can end the frantic search and grab hold of total and true satisfaction.
This four-part series answers the questions that everyone struggles with in life. Questions such as: Why does life feel pointless? What really adds value to life? Is there more to life than money, work, or achievement? How can I gain satisfaction? The answers to these questions and others will be taken from Solomon’s pursuit. His insight will help guide us in discovering the satisfaction in life for which we desperately long.
The four Search for Satisfaction sessions are:
  1. Search Mode
  2. Life Happens
  3. Do It Yourself
  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Watch the Search for Satisfaction Series

Out of Control: Taming the Power of the Tongue (Jan 2015)

Don’t underestimate your words! Your tongue holds the power to build up, encourage, and motivate- or tear down, hurt, and permanently damage. The old saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is just an empty phrase in light of the fact that many people walk this earth carrying battle scars from words thrown like swords. The Bible states in Proverbs 18:21 that “Death and life are in the power of the tongue,” and we as Christians are called to speak life. This 6-part series will unpack the heart of communication struggles from a biblical perspective, giving you the tools to tame the power of the tongue and a blueprint for speaking life-giving words when they matter most.
The six Out of Control sessions are:
  1. Talk is Not Cheap
  2. The Whole Truth
  3. Maliciously Speaking
  4. Grumbling and Complaining
  5. Idol Words
  6. A New Talk

Watch the Out of Control Series

Run for Your Life: Living to Win (Sep 2015)

Ever feel as if you are going nowhere fast? Life is often described as running a race, with never-ending challenges and obstacles in our path. The Bible does not promise that life is going to be easy, but we can be motivated by the words of the Apostle Paul in Philippians 3:14 to “…press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” This 5-session training manual form Philippians chapter three on how to run and win the biggest race of your life. You will discover that Paul’s encouragement to those first-century followers of Jesus applies to us today as we run our own race in life. Strap on your shoes and get ready to Run for Your Life!
The five Run for Your Life sessions are:
  1. Starting Block
  2. Cost of Winning
  3. Going the Distance
  4. The Prize
  5. Finish Line

Watch the Run for Your Life Series

Road to Truth: Real Questions Real Answers (Jan 2016)

Are you clear about what you believe and why you believe it? What is that belief based on? Is there evidence to support your belief, or did someone tell you what to believe? Knowing what you believe and why you believe it represents a level of true understanding and allows you to share your faith. As followers of Christ, God has called each of us on this journey of life to be ready to give an account for the hope that is within us.
This six-session study will give you the biblical roadmap for how to answer some of the most challenging questions of the Christian faith. Having the answers to these questions will also equip you to better respond in confidence when pressed about what you believe, and why!
The six Road to Truth sessions are:
  1. Does God Know My Decisions Before I Make Them?
  2. Is God Obligated to Save Followers of Other Religions?
  3. Why Should I Believe the Bible?
  4. What Are Spiritual Gifts?
  5. Who is The Holy Spirit?
  6. What Do We Know About Hell?

Watch the Road to Truth Series

Building Community: Biblical Small Groups (Apr 2016)

God never intended for us to live the Christian life alone. He calls us to do life together with others, not in an abstract or superficial way, but in a deep, face-to-face, life-on-life, transformative way, and this happens best through a small group community. This six-session study is a blueprint for those desiring to learn more about how to build richer, deeper community within the biblical context of small groups. Let’s start building community together, one session at a time!
The six Building Community sessions are:
  1. Blueprint
  2. Foundation
  3. Framework
  4. Materials
  5. Inspection
  6. The Model

Work That Matters (Sep 2016)

The average person will spend 33 percent of their total lifetime engaged in some type of work. So how do you feel about giving a third of your life to work? This six-session study will help you understand that what we do is more than just a job- it is a higher calling for ourselves and for those of the next generation. Regardless of the challenging work extremes or environments we might encounter, all work has an eternal return on investment. God wants us to realize that work is His gift to us and that we were created to work with purpose.
The six Work That Matters sessions are:
  1. More Than a Job
  2. Higher Calling
  3. Kids at Work
  4. Work Extremes
  5. Hostile Environments
  6. Return on Investments

Watch the Work That Matters Series

True Colors: The Life of Joseph (Jan 2017)

The story of Joseph is an amazing journey of how God sovereignty works to overcome evil and bring about His plan. There is much to learn from Joseph’s life: from his youthful pride and flawed family to being promoted overseer in the land of Egypt. We will discover how he dealt with the most challenging of life situations and how he embraced the truth of God’s faithfulness throughout all the trials. There may be times we find ourselves in distressing circumstances; some may even be unjust as they were in Joseph’s life: however, by remaining steadfast and accepting that God is ultimately in charge, we can be confident God will reward our faithfulness in the fullness of His time.
This six-session study will explore how to live the Christian life the way God intended!
The six True Colors sessions are:
  1. Flawed Family
  2. Temptation
  3. Mistreatment
  4. Promotion
  5. Resentment
  6. Grief and Grace

Watch the True Colors Series

Extreme: Stories of Life (Sep 2017)

Extreme Stories of Life explores the character of Moses and how he navigated events that brought him from the bondage of slavery at birth to the heights of leading a nation. Although his stories happened thousands of years ago, they are still highly relevant for us today. This six-session study will answer the important questions of life, such as “What is God’s purpose for my life?”, “How can I hear His voice?”, and “how can I trust God for the impossible?” These questions, along with others, will be answered as we discover life lessons of Moses from the Book of Exodus. Moses’ story helps us understand that God can take any life – even yours – and make it extreme for His greater purpose.
The six Extreme Stories of Life sessions are:
  1. Misery
  2. Surprise
  3. Mystery
  4. Plagued
  5. Stuck
  6. Enough

Watch the Extreme: Stories of Life Series

Extreme 2: Stories of Life (Jan 2018)

Extreme 2: Stories of Life is the continuing story of the life of Moses. Discover how he navigated the difficult challenges of leading a nation of people beyond the Red Sea as they traveled toward the land God had promised them. The life lessons the Lord taught Moses many years ago still hold relevance as we face tests and trials today. This six-session study will answer questions such as “How can God quench my thirsty soul?”, “How can I win the battles of life?” and “How can I lead others when I am overwhelmed?” Living an extreme life is possible when we understand and embrace God’s greater purpose for our lives!
The six Extreme 2: Stories of Life sessions are:
  1. Thirst Quencher
  2. Winning Battles
  3. Good Advice
  4. The Mountain
  5. Chiseled Stone 1-5
  6. Chiseled Stone 6-10

Watch the Extreme 2: Stories of Life Series

Oddly Famous (Sep 2019)

Discover little-known stories from the Bible with surprising twists and turns. These unusual — and sometimes unsettling — real-life stories remind us that God has a purpose and plan for everyone. These Oddly Famous stories address how God protects us at times, even without our awareness; how God uses us, even in our weakness; how God demonstrates His control of our lives; how God desires us to be authentic followers of His; and how God provides wisdom for life’s major decisions.

Each session in Oddly Famous delivers unique insights that will impact your walk with Jesus!

  1. Donkey Talk
  2. Fat Man
  3. Man of Valor
  4. Naked and Wounded
  5. Peg Head
  6. Wise Guy

Watch the Oddly Famous Series

Lead a Small Group

What does it take to be a Small Group Leader?

A small group leader is someone who has a desire to meet together with a few friends, neighbors, or co-workers in a small group setting to learn more about applying God's Word to everyday life and doing "life together" with them.

To be a small group leader, you simply have to have a heart for people you know; be open to meeting in your home or at a neutral location; have a servant attitude toward others; and be teachable and growing in your faith. If you fulfill these four areas, you are on your way to becoming a small group leader!

Questions People Ask About Being a Small Group Leader

Do I need to be a "Bible Expert" to be a small group leader? 
Definitely not! The most important thing you need is a desire to serve the members of your group and a desire to grow in your own personal relationship with Jesus. The key role of a Small Group Leader is to help facilitate the discussion of the group.

What training is required to be a small group leader?  
All small group leaders must first participate in the small group leader training, which is scheduled every month or online. Also, other training events throughout the year will be available online or at one of our campuses that will help you become the best small group leader possible. Along with all this training, you will have a designated community leader who will help you each step of the way!

What are the requirements to be a small group leader at Grace Church?
A small group leader must:

  • have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior;
  • have been (or is in the process of being) baptized by immersion;
  • be (or will become) a member of Grace Church (within three months);
  • complete the Small Group Leader Application;
  • complete the initial Small Group Leadership Training;
  • complete a Small Group Leader Interview with the Pastor of Small Groups; and
  • be able to answer that there are no current problems with the following areas:
    • habitual struggles or moral issues (drugs, alcohol, cohabitation, etc.) that would bring shame on the name of Jesus or Grace Church
    • marital struggles (i.e., infidelity, separation, divorce in process, etc.)

Get Started

Ready to get started?

  1. Complete a Small Group Leader Application.
  2. Go to a Small Group Leader Interview.
  3. Watch the Small Group Leader Online Training Videos. (You will receive these links at your interview.)

Questions: Contact Brian at or 952-224-3031.