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Faith in Christ

What is Prayer?

  • Prayer is simply spending time with God, talking, and listening to Him like you would another person. Jesus calls us His friend! (John 15:15)
  • The difference, of course, is that God is our creator, so we also pray to worship and thank God, and to depend on Him for our direction and provision. (Psalm 62:5-8)
  • It is easy to build prayer into something that needs to sound good, but God sees the heart. He wants us to worship Him in spirit and in truth. (John 4:24)
  • Don’t worry about what it sounds like. In fact, the “better” you sound, the more likely you aren’t praying for the right reasons. (Matthew 6:5) Just dive in, and share your heart with God!

Prayer at Grace Church

Prayer is the key ingredient to a healthy, Christ-led church, and our desire is to be a praying church. This means that each of us, though at different stages of our journey, choose to spend time with Jesus and grow in our relationship with Him. This happens on our own, as families, and when we are together as a congregation. Here are some opportunities to get involved:


  • Second Sunday Prayer is an all-church time of prayer led by members of our Board of Elders for attendees from all locations hosted in the Eden Prairie Chapel.
  • Fresh Encounter is a time to seek God together as a church family through music and guided interactive prayer that takes place during the Connection Hour every other month on the second Sunday at our Chaska location.

Eden Prairie

  • Second Sunday Prayer is an all-church time of prayer led by members of our Board of Elders for attendees of all locations hosted in the Eden Prairie Chapel.

24-Hour Prayer

 Join us on the first Saturday of every month for 24 hours of prayer from 6a Saturday morning to 6a Sunday morning. Sign up for your hour of prayer below.

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Pray for our Missionary Family

Heart2Heart Groups

Heart2Heart groups adopt missionary women to pray for them, host gatherings while they are in town, and encourage them in various ways throughout the year. Contact for more information.

Continental Prayer Groups

Adopt a specific continent and the missionaries who serve there. These small groups are encouraged in their own faith as they call upon the Lord and celebrate His mighty and merciful answers to their prayers. Join a prayer group.

Adopt a Missionary

If your small group, prayer group, or class has committed to adopting a missionary to pray for and communicate with, please let us know.

Pray for our Missionaries

Meet Our Missionaries