We see in Acts that the early churches were tight-knit communities that met regularly and were committed to each other.  In today’s society, membership signals a clear shift from dabbling, and even participation, to ownership. It is a two-way commitment between yourself and the Grace Church family.

As a member, you belong to the church family and will be fully investing in the mission of Grace Church through your time, talent, and treasure. At the same time, Grace Church better understands who is committed to that mission, and who to count on for needs and key decision-making.

The membership process involves three steps for the prospective member:

1. Attend our Discover Your Church Gatherings

This can be done in conjunction with #2. These interactive classes are designed to help you get acquainted to Grace, learn how to grow in your faith, and discover how God can use your special gifts in His church. Check out Discover to learn more.

2. Complete a Membership Application

(This can be done in conjunction with #1.)
You can complete the online application here. A Membership Application provides us with information about your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and involvement at Grace Church. It includes the following information: 

a. A Clear Testimony of Salvation
Your testimony is a personal experience and one of the best ways to bring glory to Christ and share with others. It is a great joy of the ministry staff to hear your story, celebrate with you, and help those who have never articulated their story to be concise and clear. You will be asked to write your testimony of how and when you first invited Christ into your life and will also be asked to share your story verbally in a “Get to Know You” meeting.

b. Believer's Baptism by Immersion
The Bible is clear that baptism is the immersion of a believer in water. If you have not yet experienced the tremendous joy of being baptized as a believer, you will want to discuss this with your membership coach. More information about baptism and its importance on your spiritual journey can be found here. If you have questions, please contact Lexie Gallagher at or 952-224-3049.

c. Serving
An integral part of church involvement is using the gifts that God has given you to serve the needs of others.  Members are expected to be serving regularly, whether within the church or through local outreach. 

d. Agreement with our Statement of Faith and Bylaws
The purpose of our Statement of Faith and the Bylaws is to provide the common understanding of the essential elements of our faith and the structure of Grace Church, and to ensure that you are involved and invested in Grace Church. If you have specific questions, please share them with your membership coach.

3. Get to Know You

Upon completing the application you will be contacted to meet at a convenient time with a “membership coach” which will be a member of the Grace staff. Not only is this a great chance for prospective members and church leadership to meet each other, but is also a great chance to discuss some potential areas of clarity: what salvation through Christ means, what church membership entails, and how you can thrive spiritually at Grace.
We’ll take it from here!
At this point, your membership coach will recommend your membership to the Board of Elders or suggest additional steps for you to consider taking prior to your membership. The Board of Elders then approves members at its monthly meeting, which is held on the second Thursday of each month.