My Story Gospel Tract

MyStory Gospel Tracts are an effective tool for sharing your Christian faith with others. It's different from all other tracts because it combines your own personal testimony with an illustrated explanation of the Gospel.

The links on this page will guide you in creating a personalized MyStory tract on your own home computer and printer.

We pray that God will guide you in writing and creating your MyStory tract, and then open doors of opportunity for you to share them with others.

Philemon 6 “I pray that you will be active in sharing your faith so that you will 
have a full understanding of every good thing that you have in Christ Jesus.”

Step 1: Writing Your Testimony

Click here for tips on how to write your story through a written testimony.

Step 2: Creating Your Tract

Review the MyStory Tracts below. Once you've decided which tract you want to personalize with your testimony, click the tract image to get started!

General Purpose Tract
This tract can be used by anyone in all witnessing opportunities.
Click Here to Download Tract
Click image (left) to get started!

MyStory, Spanish Tract
This tract is especially designed for Christ followers to share their Spanish-translated testimony with Hispanic-speaking friends.
Click Here to Download Tract

The Four Tract
This tract uses The Four method of sharing the Gospel.
Click here to Download Tract

My Story, Christmas Tract
This tract can be used to share the Gospel during the Christmas season.
Click here to Download Tract (Word)
Click here to Download Tract (PDF)

Step 3: Folding Your Tract

Start with the Gospel presentation facing up: 

Make your first fold as illustrated below. Your testimony should now appear face-side up.


Now fold your testimony top to bottom so your tract looks like the illustration below.

Fold your tract one last time top to bottom so it looks like the illustration below.

Step 4: Sharing Your Tract

This is the most important step! Your tracts serve no purpose if they are not used. Ask God to open doors of opportunity for you to be bold and deliberate in sharing your tract with others. He will do the rest!

Share Life Class 
If you reside in proximity to Eden Prairie, MN, Grace Church periodically offers a Share Life evangelism class. For information on the next scheduled class, enter Share Life in the search field on this page, or contact Brea at  or 952-224-3128. You will learn how to engage people in a spiritual conversation that leads to a clear presentation of the Gospel using Scripture, the Bridge illustration, and the G-O-S-P-E-L Life in six words.

Note: The Share Life class will soon be offered on the Grace website in a self-tutorial format. Check back for details.

The SHARE Life process is: 
S - Ask about their SECULAR life 
H - Ask about their HOME life
A - Ask about their ATTITUDE or how they feel about a topic you are discussing
R - Ask about their RELIGION, i.e. their religious or spiritual background/journey
E - ETERNAL Life - Ask for permission to tell your story or give them your My Story tract which contains the story that changed your life, i.e. when someone told you what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Simply share the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit and leave the results up to God!   

Step 5: Tell Us Your Story!

We want to hear how MyStory Tracts have helped you in sharing the Gospel of Christ with others! You'll not only be an encouragement to us but perhaps many others who are considering whether to create their own personalized MyStory Tract. Thank you!

Tell Us Your MyStory Stories!

Which of the MyStory tracts have you created? (Check all that apply.)

May we share your experiences to encourage others on our website and in other promotion?