Special Needs Mom's Day Away

When:Saturday, March 9th, 2024, 9:30am - 3:00pm

Where: Eden Prairie Chapel

Moms of children with Special Needs: join us for Mom's Day Away and be encouraged, supported, and blessed through a special day of worship, teaching, and community. Featured speaker Carrie Mastenbrook will unpack Philippians 4:13 as she discusses hope, strength, and surrender.

Tickets: $15


Featured Speaker: Carrie Mastenbrook

This year’s speaker is Carrie Mastenbrook. With a decade of experience in managing and caring for kids and students with disabilities and additional needs, Carrie stands out as a dedicated professional in the field. Her commitment to providing exceptional care is matched only by her passion for leading initiatives in disability ministry.

As the Kids and Student Care Manager at Eagle Brook Church in MN, Carrie has honed her skills in creating safe and nurturing environments for kids and students to grow in their faith. Her role extends beyond the professional sphere, as she embraces the challenges and joys of being an Army wife and a proud boy mom.

Carrie finds joy in being in the kitchen, with a love for baking – dog treats in particular! Her kitchen is not just a place to craft delicious meals but also a space where creativity meets warmth.

In her community, Carrie is known for her leadership in disability ministry, where her commitment to inclusivity and belonging shines through. She believes in making a positive impact and creating spaces where everyone feels valued and included.

Away from work and community involvement, Carrie loves all things racing and MN Wild hockey, showcasing a dynamic side to her personality. Whether it's in the fast-paced world of her hobbies or the steady commitment to her family and community, Carrie Mastenbrook exemplifies resilience, passion, and a heart dedicated to making a difference.

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