Date Your Spouse

Pastor Travis Armstrong and his wife Stephanie teach us to be continually intentional in our marriages by tending to it throughout each season.

by Travis & Stephanie Armstrong on July 12, 2023

 The glorious cry of every Minnesotan in June sounds something like, “FINALLY!” Spring has sprung, summer awaits, and winter is long behind us. But in order for us to fully enjoy warmer weather and the beauty of the outdoors, some tending is required. Our lawns need mowing, the flowers and plants need pruning, the water toys need cleaning, and the cabins need opening.

In a similar way, you might find your marriage in need of some tending. Perhaps you’re coming out of a season of drought or maybe even deadness. Where life once was, you have experienced harshness or the cold reality of bitterness. Or maybe this season is full of promise and expectation for your relationship. No matter where you and your spouse find yourselves, the common experience of a good marriage is a willingness to tend to it. Pulling the weeds, spreading the seeds, and faithfully investing is the hard work required in all marriages.

Throughout the Bible God uses many examples of sowing and reaping to impart spiritual truths. We can relate and understand that principle because we often employ it in many aspects of our lives. Psalm 128:1-4 speaks of God’s blessing for those who honor Him and walk in His ways, specifically illustrating a home that is fruitful and thriving, due to the diligence of a man who obeys the Lord and tends to his wife and children.

There are many ways we can practically tend to our marriages. Regular time spent together, healthy patterns of communication, gracious dealings with one another, and sacrificial love do not occur without effort and intentionality.

What does your marriage need most in this season? How can you tend to it so that you can experience a thriving relationship? One of the best ways to ensure you and your spouse do not grow apart is to establish a regular habit of dating one another. This can be as easy as going on a walk together or rising early to catch the sunrise while praying over your day. Summer in Minnesota offers many wonderful opportunities to connect with each other! Whether on the lake, on the golf course, in the backyard, or enjoying a food truck together, the summer months are perfect for reconnecting.

At Grace Church we recognize the importance of a healthy marriage, and understand they lead to healthy families and communities. We want to champion couples as they tend to their marriages, honoring their vows. We would like to invite you to join us on a summer date challenge! Whenever you and your spouse connect and enjoy a date together, use the hashtag #dateyourspousechallenge and tag us at @gracechurchmarriageministries on your social media and we’ll enter you to win one of our monthly giveaways.

We value marriage because God created it, and He wants you to experience all the blessings He intended within it. Have a great summer together. We can’t wait to see how you choose to date one another and invest in your marriage!