Staff and Elders

Pastor Danny Freed

Director of Jr. High Ministry
Ministry Description:

Jesus has called me to shepherd and disciple students in junior high and high school. I get to lead and disciple students in grades 6-12 at the Chaska Campus by creating an atmosphere that is welcoming and attractive because it is rooted in Jesus Christ. 


I have two amazing and supportive parents and one younger brother who currently serves in the United States Air Force


September 29


I love listening to music, reading great books, watching sports, and playing spikeball and basketball.


I was the typical Sunday-only kid growing up at Grace Church. In junior high, I led a double life attending church on Sundays but living for myself Monday-Saturday. In eighth grade my small group leader called me out and told me that he saw through the mask I wore at church. He laid out the Gospel for me in a clear way, and I surrendered to Jesus Christ as Lord. Since that time, I have followed the Lord's calling into full-time ministry so that I can share the Gospel with and disciple students who were just like me.