Volunteer Opportunities

Coffee Crew

Volunteer, First Impressions

Setup Crew:

  • Arrive one hour prior to service to set up the Café.
  • Make coffee (four urns of coffee).
  • Put out cups, lids, stir sticks, and napkins.
  • Fill baskets with creamer, sugar, and sweetener.
  • Setup the water dispenser with ice and water, and put the water cups out.
  • Keep the coffee urns filled, and make coffee as needed.
  • Serves every other month.

Cleanup Crew:

  • Be at the Café when service lets out.
  • Coffee will be served ½ hour past the end of service.
  • Make sure coffee is available during the Family Hour.
  • Clean-up the café:
    • Wash out coffee urns and coffee ground baskets.
    • Put all of the supplies that are on the counter away in the cupboards and drawer.
    • Wipe down counters.
    • Empty the water dispenser and put on the cart in storage.
  • Serves every other month.

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