Adult Classes


Do you have questions about faith, or do you want to get involved at Grace? These two courses will provide you with direction.

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In the Beginning; In the End

Genesis and Revelation. The start of all things and the end of all things . . . as we know it. Few places in scripture are more controversial and have more divergent opinion then the beginning and the end! We will spend ten weeks — five on the beginning and five on the end — studying what the Word of God has to say about where this all came from and where we are all headed.

Begins Wed, Sept 12 | 6:30p-8p, Eden Prairie Campus Room 259
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Sundays, 9a

Ignite (Young Adults)

Men and women in their 20s and 30s, married and unmarried, with or without children, who want to develop meaningful friendships and grow spiritually are welcome to join this Sunday group gathering for community, prayer, and biblical teaching. Large group gatherings meet Sunday mornings with community, prayer, and biblical teaching.

Small Group activities outside of class focus on discipleship, missions, serving, and social.

Sundays, 9a-10:10a
Sept-May (casual socials during summer months)
Eden Prairie Campus Dining Room
Led by Dave and Jan Carlson

No registration needed

In Search of Truth

The Bereans were commended by Paul in Acts 17 for receiving the message "with great eagerness and examining the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true." This adult group does an in-depth Bible study and is open to all. They provide people with an opportunity to be involved, known, and loved within Grace Church. You may join in and attend at any time throughout the year. This group meets during the school year and takes a break during the summer months.

Sundays, 9a
Sep-May (does not meet during summer months)

Eden Prairie Campus Room 152
Led by Jeff Verdoorn
No registration needed

Life in Christ

This is an ongoing multi-generational adult group where individuals and couples from all age groups come together each Sunday to study the Word of God and build strong connections with each other and between the generations. Join us anytime throughout the year.

Sundays, 9a
Eden Prairie Campus Room 150
Led by Michael Minich and Pete Laramy

No registration needed

Sundays, 10:40a


This is a vibrant ongoing adult group of senior adults who believe in studying the Bible to glean truths that will help them live a full Christian life. Together they sing, pray, fellowship, and study the Word each Sunday as well as care for each other and for the Grace Church missionaries. You are invited to attend at any time throughout the year.

Sundays, 10:40a
Eden Prairie Campus Room 152
Led by Roger Watke

No registration needed

Cords of Three

This ongoing adult group is both interactive and social, and consists of selected teachings on various biblical topics each Sunday. Individuals and couples of all ages are welcome to attend and deepen your knowledge and faith together. You may join in and attend at any time throughout the year.

Sundays, 10:40a
Eden Prairie Campus Room 154
Led by Vern Lindholm

No registration needed

Parents of Teens

This is a dynamic group of parents navigating their way through the joys and pains of life with teenaged children. They tackle many of the issues bombarding teenagers and parents during this stage of life in an interactive format. Together, they learn from the Bible — and from the wisdom of each other — to handle the curve balls of life. They also enjoy social events and service projects. The class meets during the school year and takes a break during the summer. You are welcome to join in at any time throughout the year.

Sundays, 10:40a
Sept-May (does not meet during summer months)

Eden Prairie Campus Room 211
No registration needed

Trail Mix

Parents who are starting to experience the empty nest time of life can study God’s Word, encourage one another, and “mix” in some fun as they travel the “trail” together. This ongoing adult group provides people with an opportunity to be involved, known, and loved within Grace Church. You may join in and attend at any time throughout the year.

Sundays, 10:40a
Sept-July (does not meet July 30 through Sept 3)

Eden Prairie Campus Dining Room
Led by Greg Sandvig

No registration needed

Marriage, Parenting, and Finance

Blended Families

This eight-week series is for dating, engaged, and married couples with blended families. It will cover topics on circumstances that are unique to blended families as you strengthen your marriage.

Sun, Sep 16 - Nov 4 | 9a, Eden Prairie Campus Room 154
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Financial Peace University

We all need a plan for our money. Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey (FPU) is that plan! This 9-week class teaches God's ways of handling money. Through video teaching, class discussions, and interactive small group activities, FPU presents biblical, practical steps to get from where you are to where you've dreamed you could be. This plan will show you how to get rid of debt, manage your money, spend and save wisely, and much more!
A Preview Class will be held on Sunday, October 7 to answer any questions you have, help you get you signed up, and enable you to get your box of materials if needed. Please watch the video for lesson one prior to the first class on the 14th as we will be discussing the video and concepts in the first class. If you have questions, please contact the coordinators: Tim and Stacey Brown at . We are looking forward to seeing you. May God bless you on your path to financial peace!

Sun, October 14 - Dec 16 | 10:30a - 12p, Eden Prairie Campus Room 150
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I Still Do

Recommit to the promise you made to your spouse when you said, “I do!” This four-week class will be a fun, romantic, growing experience for you and your spouse. God has a plan to help you navigate through your marital journey, a plan that will make saying “I still do” a hopeful, redeeming, joyful practice for every day you have together. Our prayer is that your marriage will be renewed and made stronger than ever and that you will come to realize that the promise you made to each other — whether it was days, weeks, or years ago — has an eternal impact on the generations to come.

Sundays, Nov 11- Dec 9 | 9a, Eden Prairie Campus Room 213

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Connected Child Study

The Connected Child is a 12-week book study for moms who have welcomed children into their home through adoption, fostering, or hosting. Books will be provided free-of-charge. This group will discuss one chapter per week and will provide an opportunity for you to connect with other moms, who are on a similar journey. The Connected Child book, co-authored by Dr. Karyn Purvis, will help you to build bonds of affection and trust with your child, effectively deal with any learning or behavioral disorders and discipline your child with love without making him or her feel threatened. For more information about the book, click here.

Wednesdays, 4:30p-6p | Eden Prairie Campus

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Leadership Development - On Mission: Equipping Every Woman for God's Call

Deepen your faith, and ignite your passion to disciple others through spiritual disciplines and leadership development. This class is designed to mature women in their walk with the Lord in serving the body through the following areas of study:

  • SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES - to grow in pursuit of Christ and to experience and enjoy Him through practicing five disciplines: 1) The Word, 2) Prayer, 3) Scripture Memory, 4) Holy Spirit, and 5) Witnessing
  • DISCIPLESHIP - to understand what it means to be a disciple and to make disciples by using discipleship tools which build increased confidence to pour into someone else's life
  • BIBLICAL COUNSELING - to apply a biblical framework that brings the Word of God to the common needs of women
  • BIBLICAL WOMANHOOD - to understand biblical womanhood in light of today's culture and God's Word
  • SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP - to understand your spiritual gifts and strengths in order to create a personal ministry strategy and engage in discipleship relationships

Tuesday Mornings: Sep 11 - Apr 30, 2019 | 9:30a-11:30a, Eden Prairie Campus
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Wednesday Evenings: Sep 12 - Apr 24, 2019 | 6:30p-8:30p, Eden Prairie Campus

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Biblical Womanhood

What does it mean to be a woman? Cultural ideals blur the lines between the sexes yet the Bible teaches that men and women are equal in essence but different in their responsibilities. In this eight-week study, you will learn vital truths of biblical womanhood and God’s unique design for women. This is a fragrance-free class.

Sundays beginning Sep 9 - Nov 4, 2018 | 9a, Eden Prairie Campus
Led by Cheri Dobbs
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Grow in Christ

If you or someone you know would benefit from a Bible study that helps women know God better through reading the Bible, prayer, understanding the role of the Holy Spirit and memorizing scripture, then Grow in Christ is for you!  This class removes the fear of reading the Bible and helps you understand what a relationship with God is all about.  Each small group is led by a mentor who will lead you through the lessons and provide support and encouragement as you grow in Christ.

Choose from one of the meeting options:

From Fear to Faith

Life is filled with all sorts of fears and worries that can assault your mind, trouble your soul, and bring untold stress. But you don’t have to remain captive to your fears. In this study, we will learn how to put off the fear that drags us down and put on faith that brings us hope which sets us free to live in faith.

Thursdays, Sept 6 - Dec 13, 2018 | 6:30p-8:30p, Eden Prairie Campus Chapel
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Mom's Life

Grow in your relationship with Christ with other young moms while teaching biblical truths to the next generation.

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Share Your Faith

Share Life

Would you like a relational and effective way to share your faith across the street and around the world? In this four-week Share Life course will show you how a conversation can go from the superficial to the gospel and how you can lovingly and appropriately lead someone to Christ.

Sundays, Sep 9-30 | 9a, Eden Prairie Campus Room 213
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Sundays, Nov 11 - Dec 2 | 9a, Eden Prairie Campus Room 211
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