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India Medical

Go Team, Asia


There are people who have little-to-no access to medical care and have never heard the name of Jesus, but a few local believers are determined to reach every corner of their nation with the gospel, as they care for physical needs like Jesus did (Matthew 9:35-36).

Due to gospel barriers such as persecution, there’s a growing need for creative ways to access people with the gospel in these areas. Grace is going to send an M-PACK trip to Southern India with East West Ministries. M-PACK trips use proven medical teaching modules to equip national evangelists and church planters with basic medical skills. We then give their house churches the necessary medical backpacks of equipment to send out these trained believers to preach and heal 365 days of the year, and ultimately disciple new believers who begin gathering in new house church plants.

This Grace team of medical and non-medical people will teach national evangelists basic medical skills so they can care for physical and spiritual needs like Jesus did. Don’t worry, whether you are medical or not, everyone is trained before they go. The power of this model is that since you will go-and-teach instead of go-and-do, you will empower nationals, without creating dependency, and the medical skills you leave behind will continue to propel the gospel forward long after you return home. 

Dates: September 12 - 23, 2024

Cost: TBD

This trip will require about 6 hours of online self-training and about 8 hours of in-person training on August 17.

Would you like to donate a medical backpack for an in-country evangelist? Each backpack is around $400, if so, email [email protected]

Questions? Kris Otto - [email protected]