Grounds Coordinator



Reports to: Grounds Maintenance Manager
Location: Eden Prairie Campus
Hours/week: 28 hours a week
FLSA Classification: Non-Exempt


  • Ensure that exterior facility systems are adjusted and fully functional (irrigation, lighting system, etc.)
  • Recruiting and training ministry partners to assist with lawn care, landscaping and snow removal and to be responsible for scheduling the ministry partners to accomplish these tasks.
  • Must be willing and able to generate a spirit of teamwork with co-workers, both paid and volunteers.
  • Care for Grace Church landscaping including grass, shrub, and tree trimming on a regular basis.  Maintaining flower beds/groomed beds and playing field development and care. 
  • Provide snow removal for Grace Church’s parking lot and sidewalks and responsible for activating the ministry partners of the snowplow ministry.
  • Must be able to work in extreme weather environments, both hot and cold, as required.
  • Maintaining and managing equipment used for lawn care/maintenance and snow removal.
  • Ensure smooth and timely execution of preventative and non-preventative maintenance items, as well as contractor coordination.  Be responsible for scheduling and maintaining a timely schedule.
  • Ensure that all Grace Church properties are safe and clean at all times.
  • Must be able and willing to adjust work schedule according to seasonal needs and be on-call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week in the event of an emergency.
  • Be available to handle any and all emergencies.
  • Work with all facility maintenance and volunteer staff.
  • Assist in managing the maintenance of all Grace Church vehicles including transporting them to and from the garage for servicing.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to operate all Grace Church vehicles/equipment safely.
  • Assist in maintaining the cleanliness and roadworthiness of all vehicles.
  • Assist in maintaining fuel levels, emergency supplies, vehicle checklists and other documentation for all vehicles.
  • Responsibly handle and willing to follow all other duties that will be mutually agreed upon with the Director of Facilities / Public Safety Manager - Grounds Maintenance.


  • Experience: Minimum 1-year experience or physical plant and or Grounds maintenance.
  • Education: High school diploma or equivalent, technical schooling in facilities.
  • Experience in scheduling tasks in a fast-paced environment, is detail-oriented, works with little or no supervision, and works well under pressure
  • Be willing to acquire and maintain the appropriate licensing to operate Grace Church vehicles.
  • Must be able to stand, stoop, bend, or kneel to perform assigned tasks and be able to lift and carry 80 pounds
  • Must possess a clean driving record
  • Ability to self-motivate, work independently and motivate volunteers
  • Compatibility with the Grace Church Mission, Vision, Values and Priorities and a lifestyle appropriate to a person in Christian ministry
  • The staff member agrees to abide by the staff handbook
  • In agreement with Grace Church’s Statement of Faith
  • Exhibits a meaningful and growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as evidenced by the manifestation of the fruit of the Holy Spirit
  • Exhibits a lifestyle appropriate to a person in public Christian ministry by conducting life with the utmost integrity in all situations

To Apply:

Send a professional resume and an administrative application form to [email protected].



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