George Floyd Response

Comments From Pastor Troy Dobbs

May 27, 2020

After watching the George Floyd video last night and then again this morning, I am speechless but NOT given to silence. I am heartbroken and appalled; there are no words, but there is much to say.

You see, the Bible takes the STRONGEST OF STANCES on LIFE: valuing it, protecting it, fighting for it, and then condemning the unlawful taking of it. Every single human being is made in the image of God and has an intrinsic worth and value that is to be guarded and cherished.

Additionally, this is ONE scenario, for me, where NO MORE DETAILS or CONTEXT is needed: A man cannot breathe; people are screaming, “HE CAN’T BREATHE, for the love of God TAKE HIM SERIOUSLY!”

Frankly, I felt I could barely breathe myself, as I watched Mr. Floyd beg for air, for help, for someone to hear him. This did not have to happen — it could have been easily avoided, which is why it feels so tragic!

You know as the Church, we are proudly PRO-LIFE, and rightly so! My only hope is that the SAME fight and passion we have for the life of the UNBORN will also be extended to the life of a handcuffed black man! We have to consistently protect and care about life, regardless of the circumstances and regardless of the person.

Honestly, my fear is that people will watch the video and BE HORRIFIED but then move on to the next thing. And this’ll be yet another tragedy where nothing ever changes.

So, before you are tempted to move on, let me ask you this: What if this was YOUR SON — YOUR FATHER — YOUR FRIEND? Then what? What would you want to have happen?

If this happened to my son, I’d want the whole world to stand up, speak up, and do something. And so, the Church can’t sit this one out, waiting for someone else to say something or do something.

We have to care about justice everywhere and for everyone because, as Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

So as followers of Christ, I implore you to do something: Do something for Mr. Floyd’s family and for people of color who are hurting and scared and angry, so this doesn’t ever happen again!