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Jake Reiter

Associate Minister to Men
Ministry Description:

Working with the men’s team to minister to men in the pursuit of biblical manhood. I work with volunteer leaders and help provide strategic leadership and implementation of strategies for the mission of men’s ministry here at Grace.


Married to my incredible wife and best friend, Jen.


November 4


I love to hunt and fish. Seeing God’s hand in the great outdoors is a strong passion of mine. I also love any kind of competition; whether it is a sport or chess, I want to play, and I want to win! My teams are the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Cubs.


God called me to Himself when I was a freshman in college at Winona State. I grew up knowing about God but I didn’t know God, which led to a lot of regretful decisions growing up. I was on a retreat with one of the college ministries and felt the Lord really working on me in a way I hadn’t felt before. I was there for the social aspect of the weekend, not for what God was about to do. I was a wreck after one of the sessions, so I spoke with the college pastor that night, and he lead me to the Lord on January 12, 2008. I haven’t been perfect since then, but I also have never been the same. Soli Deo Gloria!